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Coming Soon: Holy Foley! The Musical

Table readings, workshops, and musical arrangements have begun in New York City for my new musical, Holy Foley! 

Based on stories from my book The Foley Grail, and my experiences as a Foley artist in Hollywood, Holy Foley! tells the story of Genevieve, a veteran Foley artist who works with Jerome, her Foley partner, and Anahid, her Foley mixer, as they are interviewed by Samantha, a former journalist turned Ph.D. student, as she prepares to write her dissertation about the world of the Foley artists working for a major film studio. Genevieve's husband, Michael, directs reality television in Atlanta, which creates conflict for Genevieve as she misses her husband but loves her career on the west coast. 


Audiences will see Foley performed live, learn about the history of this popular performed sound art, and  see how the artists "walk" the footsteps for the characters and use odd props  to create sounds for film and television, while following the stories of the fascinating lives of Foley artists who make the sounds for the shows they love to watch.

Musical numbers include "We've Got a Show to Do Today," "I Forgot to Schmooze," "You're Always Doing it Wrong," "(They Call Me) One in a Million," "Two Steps Forward and One Step Back," Our Jack Foley Was the Guy," Second Fiddle," "I Don't Think I Love You Anymore," and "Working Without a Net." 

Watch this page for updates on progress as we workshop this musical and prepare for the opening of this innovative show about the world of Foley, the artists, and film, television, and streamed series.



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