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I began as a child actor, but most of my experience has been as a young adult and onto my more “mature” years. I have performed more often in musical theatre and have some favorite roles I savor. Some of them are: Lois/Bianca in Kiss Me Kate, Sandy in Grease, Mary in Jesus Christ, Superstar, the roles of both “Robin” and “Sonja” in two different productions of Godspell, Annie Oakley in the review Irving Berlin, Tonight, Kathy in Company, Ginger in the original show Just Around the Corner, Molly in Girl Crazy, and the “Sound Artist” in the original show Wicked City Blues. This last one was a developing show that had several venues over the course of six years. Our New York cast included Jenn Colella...who knew?


Indiana Public Radio traditionally puts on a Christmas radio play. It was a delightful experience to be the onstage sound artist (Foley) for A Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life, and two original productions, A Christmas Truce and A Few Houses Down. Radio plays are especially fun because I am creating sounds for the radio audience while being part of the entertainment in the live theatre production.


In addition to a bachelor’s degree in theatre, I have been fortunate to study under some wonderful teachers and coaches. They include Nina Foch and Bob Gibson for deep dive training, and Randy Kirby and Barbara Baltz for lighter commercial acting. I would add that watching some tremendously talented actors in both theatre and film has altered my approach to both acting a scene and acting a song. Sometimes I wonder if I have learned more by empathically observing gifted actors than by doing my own work. When I was onstage with the wonderful Ron Hussman, I was very young, but it impacted my approach to “the work” forever. I remember being told by mentors along the way to always try to put myself in a situation where I am surrounded by more talented, skilled, and experienced actors to make myself reach higher in my craft. Now I tell my students the same thing.


Theater Lights photo by RW Sinclair

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